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Facility X13 is a puzzle game for the Windows and MacOS platforms. You will play as an alien parasite looking to escape from your German captors. Play through 25 levels of mind-boggling puzzles as you uncover the story behind Facility X13.

Story Sypnosis

It's the year 1941. At the peak of the great War, a meteorite containing an alien substance was discovered by a group of German scientists. The meteorite was brought back to Facility X13 as part of a scientific effort to harness the power of the alien substance and develop an ultimate biochemical weapon of mass destruction!

But unbeknownst to the scientist, the alien substance is a sentient being looking to bring mass destruction upon all of humankind...

More information

Published74 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorsNUTZEE, Chue Sai Hou, Tan Kang Soon
Tagsmind-bending, Pixel Art, puzzle, Sci-fi, World War II
Average durationAbout an hour
Player countSingleplayer


Facility X13.app.zip (18 MB)
facility-x13.zip (15 MB)


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Hi guys! This is Sai Hou, one of the devs behind Facility X13. Over the course of just 3 months, our team came up with the idea from scratch, went through multiple iterations and painstakingly designed the levels.

We think we have made an awesome game, but why trust a biased opinion? :P Feel free to download the game and try it for yourselves. After all, it's free! But you know what else is free? Leaving us a 5-star rating (Right panel->Rate this game) if you liked the game. :) Whether you enjoyed it or not, we would love to hear your opinion, so do drop us a comment if you're up for it!

Thank you!