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Hi guys! This is Sai Hou, one of the devs behind Facility X13. Over the course of just 3 months, our team came up with the idea from scratch, went through multiple iterations and painstakingly designed the levels.

We think we have made an awesome game, but why trust a biased opinion? :P Feel free to download the game and try it for yourselves. After all, it's free! But you know what else is free? Leaving us a 5-star rating (Right panel->Rate this game) if you liked the game. :) Whether you enjoyed it or not, we would love to hear your opinion, so do drop us a comment if you're up for it!

Thank you!

This is a very good game. Difficulty rose steadily over time. I just finished the game and would like to ask if level 25 (Escape from X13) can be "solved" in the traditional sense (make it to the exit alive), not the "Virus escaped into the ground" ending? I ask because

a) it seems to be almost possible, but I could find no way around dieing in the explosions from the long chain of test tubes and

b) the game directory contains 33 levels.

Hey Ingix! First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment! It means a lot to us, and we are super glad to hear that you liked the game!

To answer your question, unfortunately I'm afraid not. What you have experienced is the only possible ending. We do feel that a linear story does somewhat hurt replayability, and this is something we put a lot of thought into. Ultimately, we decided that the linearity will not have a huge impact on the players' enjoyment, plus we also wanted to shift focus back onto the puzzles, not the story (not saying the story is not important, but the puzzles should remain the focus in a puzzle game)!

Finally, if you're wondering why the game directory has 33 levels, the reason is the "extra" levels are actually the cut-scenes. :)